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Yes, Epoxy Flooring Is Worth the Cost. Here’s Why

epoxy flooring

You have been seeing epoxy flooring around the internet and also in the homes of your friends. You have been taken in by how beautiful it looks, and the color that it adds to a room. You may have been doing your own research of epoxy floor coatings and the examples you have come across have been nothing less than spectacular. 

At this moment, looking at your own garage floor coating, it pales in comparison to what you have been seeing. You definitely want to have such a beautiful garage flooring, but something is holding you back.

The cost. 

Is epoxy flooring that good to justify how much you are going to spend?

Yes! Here is why.


The thing about your garage concrete floor is that you will often have to use some type of chemical now and again. With concrete flooring, any spillage may result in stains that will be difficult to remove. Whether it is by oil, or some other chemical you use.

Epoxy flooring is immune to all of these things and pouring oil on the floor will simply mean cleaning it up. Epoxy floor coating maintains its high performance and even though it has high gloss, it is durable as it is slip resistant. Epoxy coating systems make the surface of your concrete garage floor more valuable, not only with its appearance but by its quality and cost-efficiency.

If anything, cleaning up has to be the biggest plus point of epoxy flooring. With just a few gallons of water, and a mild soap, you get to clean up easily after a hard day’s work.


You like tinkering around with your car and your bikes. Every once in a while, you spill oil some place in your garage. You are going to drop heavy stuff on the floor and the seasons are going to wreak havoc on your home.

When you are working around your garage flooring, the last thing that is on your mind is slipping and falling. Epoxy flooring, no matter how smooth it looks, is very slip resistant throughout time. It is durable enough to withstand various forms of abuse you subject it to, like dropping those huge rims on the surface of the floor. This is a floor you can take pride in.

Eye Candy.

garage epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy Floor coatings also improve the beauty of your home, garage and even commercial and industrial businesses. It adds color to the surface of your concrete. When deciding whether to have your floor epoxied, you will have to consider a variety of options especially as to where you want it.

There are types of epoxy coating that cannot be used outdoors, and sometimes it depends on the type of a product that the contractor may suggest. Other than that, epoxy coatings bring colors to every home.

That epoxy floor coating system will definitely add some bit of jazz to flooring of your home, which will definitely give your home an edge when potential homebuyers come around. It immediately speaks of a home that has been well taken care of, and definitely worth spending money on.  

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