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Epoxy floor coatings

At SSP Coatings, a Garage flooring Company, we have helped a wide variety of commercial and residential property owners with epoxy solutions to their garage floors. Our services are diverse and unique when it comes to offering epoxy  garage floor solutions. Our clients get an array of decorative finishes, vivid colors, and customized effects to create a look they can appreciate and love.

The epoxy garage floor coatings solution offered by us is ideal for garages due to its low maintenance and durable nature. It is cost-efficient in the long term as you save yourself a lot in terms of repeated installations and upgrades. Our epoxy service is optimized to ensure that not only is the floor protected, but an aesthetically appealing quality is also introduced to the property. Be sure to reach out to us when you newly lay your concrete so that you can enjoy the maximum benefit.


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Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

Our epoxy garage floor service offers the following in terms of benefit:


When compared to other flooring options such as tiles, bricks, terrazzo, etc., epoxy garage floors are more cost-effective. The per square foot cost attached to an epoxy floor is highly likely to be lesser than the others. Another plus is the fact that when it comes to installation, epoxy floors are lower than others since it can easily be applied over any floor type.


Bright. Professional. Stunning. Varied.
When compared to a typical garage floor, the epoxy floor coatings are worlds better! The appearance of an epoxy floor coatings is likely to provide in a home, or commercial property is enough to transform it. The fact that it is aesthetically pleasing makes it more enticing. Let’s not forget the fact that even and smooth surface of the floor becomes easier to clean and maintain regardless of the spills and stains.


Another plus side of the epoxy garage floor is coatings that it is easier to clean and maintain. The nature of most epoxy resins prevents the easy setting of spills and stains. When these stains are treated appropriately, the floor returns to its previous state.

Great Resistance

Worried about the effect of bleach, cleansers, oil, gasoline, and diesel, etc. could have on the epoxy floor coating? Well, there is no cause for alarm. Quality epoxy garage floors are highly resistant to most of these liquids that cause stains and a degrading of the color of the floors.

Their resistant nature is what makes them one of the most frequently used flooring options in the automotive industry and garages. Another plus is that epoxy garage floors are water and heat-resistant as well.


Another layer of protection is provided when epoxy is used on concrete. Epoxy floor coatings protect the cracks, grease, stains, and moisture of the concrete floor over a period. Therefore, you can worry less about cleaning grout on your floors. The maintenance costs are also reduced as a result.


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Finding a Professional Garage Floor Coating Installer

If you live in the Chattanooga or North Georgia area and are considering an epoxy coating system for your garage or commercial floor, SSP Coatings is the installer you want. SSP Coatings Chattanooga has been providing home and business owners with high-quality epoxy floor systems with the best warranties in the business for years. If you want a professional epoxy floor that comes with a guarantee and striking finish, call the professionals at SSP Coatings today.


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