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Is your company a heavy industrial one with a lot of foot traffic? If so, it’s critical to have attractive and durable flooring. Within a few hours, your existing floor can be transformed into a cutting-edge epoxy floor system. Plus, industrial facilities can benefit from epoxy coatings in appearance and functionality.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best industrial epoxy flooring. SSP Coatings’ goal is to transform your industrial surface by combining the best products and seamless, expert services. You get years of flooring dependability and may concentrate your attention and budget on the task at hand with proper installation. Call SSP Coatings Garage Flooring Company at 423-342-4158 for guidance or support if you have any doubts.


Because of their durability, safety, chemical resistance, and other benefits, epoxy floors are a good choice for industrial floors. The following are the advantages of industrial epoxy flooring provided by SSP Coatings:

Robust and Durable

It can live for nearly 20 years if correctly placed. As a result, epoxy is an excellent choice for industrial use. It is an excellent choice for places that handle high traffic, heavy loads, and equipment due to its endurance. In factories, workshops, and warehouses, epoxy flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic and mechanical loads.

Chemical Resistant

Many people secure their flooring with epoxy floor coating because it makes their solid floor chemical resistant. Epoxy coatings and floors can withstand long periods of chemical exposure, which can be harmful to other types of floors. As a result, it is an excellent choice for hospitals, auto repair shops, factories, the manufacturing industry, and more!

Safe Work Environment

Due to the variety of color options, it is also possible to use different colors and designs on specific sections of the floor to create designated zones. This makes epoxy floor coating ideal for large spaces where loading bays, forklift paths, and walkways must be marked to ensure the safe movement of vehicles and workers. Epoxy coating is also resistant to extreme and sudden impact, slippages, high temperatures, and even fire.


Concrete floors coated with resinous finishes, such as epoxy, last longer and resist significant wear, saving facilities money and freeing up managers’ time to focus on other aspects of the business. In addition, epoxy floor coating increases brightness by up to 300 percent. Because of the way light reflects off the smooth epoxy surface, this occurs. As a result, improved visibility and a safer working environment will benefit your employees and customers.

Cleaning Is Simple

Epoxy flooring systems give a perfectly sealed and smooth surface. Because epoxy flooring has no crevices or pores, it is much easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, because of its smooth surface, forklifts and hospital gurneys may roll over without bumps in the floor seam disturbing them.


Every industry has a unique set of flooring specifications. The industrial facilities that SSP Coatings serves are listed below:


Electronic manufacturing facilities and technology enterprises desire long-lasting, seamless, chemical, and abrasion-resistant floors. Due to their resilience to heat stress and water, epoxy resins are utilized in various industries, including technology companies. This makes them particularly useful in preventing product degradation over time.


Floors in these facilities need to be resistant to chemicals—fortunately, epoxy flooring. The electrical, thermal, and chemical resistance of epoxy resin is outstanding. In addition, industrial epoxy floor coating is commonly strengthened with fiber reinforcement or mineral additions and used in institutions and industrial items because of its properties.


Epoxy floor coating is becoming more popular in the civil engineering industry and is widely used as a floor coating. Epoxy is used in various applications by civil engineers and transportation industries. For example, epoxy coatings serve as a foundation for constructing and maintaining roads, bridges, and supporting structures to help them endure harsh weather conditions and vehicular traffic.


Facilities for the aerospace industry need flooring that can withstand traffic, heavy machinery, and chemical spills. Epoxy floor coatings provide an impenetrable, non-porous surface, stain, and chemical resistance. These coatings are made to withstand staining from cleaning agents, aircraft fuels, and other fluids often used in the industry.


In logistic centers and warehouses, there is never a time to worry about maintenance or repairs. Therefore, distribution facilities need specialist coatings that can endure intense foot activity, filth, wheeled cart usage, forklift use, and periodic cleaning. Our seamless industrial epoxy floor coatings are durable and simple to clean. The work is completely covered and guaranteed.


This comprehensive guide will help you understand the whole project process. The procedure is simple to understand because we divided it into simple steps.
Before installing a floor, we assess the space to identify the proper system needed there. Then, additional tests are conducted based on the building’s age, the use of the area, the slab’s condition, and other factors. These tests could involve checking the slab’s moisture content, checking for contaminants, and doing bond tests.
The most crucial consideration before installation is appropriate floor cleaning and preparation. An epoxy floor coating will not last if the floor is not adequately prepared.
After the floors have been prepared, we will give you some appropriate options for the test. Our expert will advise you on the most acceptable option for your commercial floor. The ultimate decision is all yours, and we will fully respect your desired appearance.

If a floor is not meticulously prepared before applying epoxy floor coating, it will not last. One of the most critical things a contractor can do during the installation process is to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level. This allows the concrete floors to cure after installation properly. Drainage, penetrations, cove bases, and waterproofing are all investigated. With employees that have completed professional training, the installation of a high-quality epoxy floor will be professionally managed.


One of your home’s or business’s most crucial element may be its flooring. Everything starts with thorough preparation and, of course, top-notch flooring installation. There is an aesthetic option for you whether you are in a warehouse or an office building. In addition to polished, metallic, and flake coat finishes, we also provide a variety of patterns, colors, and styles that are suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial environments.

No matter how big or small, every project is significant to us. SSP Coatings will put the same level of effort into a meeting or exceeding client expectations. As a full-time flooring installation business, we are professionals that consistently provide work of artisanal quality. Doing it correctly is our aim.


Quality is the cornerstone of our procedure, from the initial phone conversation through the completion of the job. We thrive on repeat business, so we strive to make every interaction with us a positive one. Customer happiness is essential to us. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please let us know so that we may work together to make things right.

We want you to have a pleasant experience from beginning to end. SSP Coatings pays close attention. We wish to understand your needs. No matter how small or big the project is, your concrete floor is essential to us too.


Whether you need epoxy industrial floor coatings or specialized finishes for your industrial facility, SSP Coatings provides rugged, durable flooring solutions that look fantastic.


Call us at 423-342-4158 to learn more about our capabilities, or click on the button below if you’re ready for an estimate.

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