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Need epoxy flooring and coating services for your basement? Then we are the right contractors for this! As commercial and residential flooring contractors, we specialize in applying epoxy floorings and coatings.

Based on your needs, our team of experts we see to helping you create a custom solution. We will work for hand in hand with you to solve your basement surface problems by helping you select an appropriate epoxy floor option. Our services are delivered in line with industry standards, and we always make sure that the solutions we provide are in line with our clients’ specific requirements.

When creating custom epoxy basement coating options, we consider many factors apart from our clients’ must-haves. Some of the things we pay close attention to include the chemical composition of the epoxy resin, the grade of the concrete surface, and the base qualities. We will also provide an assessment as to whether the floor option is suitable for the type of resin to be used.

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With the solutions we provide, thanks to our epoxy flooring options, our customers can rest assured that their floors are well protected from wear, abrasion, impact damage, corrosion, and deterioration. By installing our chemical, slip, and impact-resistant epoxy floor systems, we help you reduce your basement’s maintenance cost and amprove its use efficiency. We employ a thin film coating method to ensure that surfaces in need of light service can be re-coated easily.

Our epoxy basement floor coating solutions vary, and we try our best to ensure that we offer quotes that befit this. We help customers need right, intermediate, and heavy coating solutions, thanks to our various epoxy resins and coatings. Whether your floor receives heavy traffic or light traffic, we have the right epoxy coating for it.
We understand the fact that our clients might put their basements to various uses. As a result, during the consultation process, we try to gain relevant information about how the basement will be used. The use of the basement will help us determine the right course of action in applying our epoxy floor solutions.

Regardless of the use of the basement, one thing you can be assured of with our services is that our floor solutions are of compressive strength. The coatings can resist pressure from heavy equipment, and they are easy-to-clean, slip-resistant, and durable. All our solutions are pure of protective solid epoxy coatings, and we ensure that they are odorless.

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Chattanooga Basement Epoxy Floor Coatings

Therefore, when in need of an epoxy basement floor, that is:

  • Affordable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cost-effective
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Durable
  • Offers excellent protection for your flooring, then contact us.

We have been in the industry of epoxy floor coatings and have never failed to meet our clients’ requirements. We also offer customized solutions to your basement. Call us or send an email.

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