All warranties apply to the original Customer and/or owner only and are non-transferable, unless prior arrangements have been made in writing with SSP Coatings and the original Customer and/ owner. 


 Residential Garages: Warranty is a Lifetime Adhesion Warranty per the following:


  1. ​Against peeling / delamination from the concrete for the original consumer purchaser owns the home in which the floor coating materials were installed; SSP Coatings will repair any area(s) of peeling at no charge to the original customer and a non-transferable. SSP Coatings cannot guarantee a perfect color match on touch ups/repairs due to factors beyond our control (i.e. dye lot changes, color settling, etc.), but we will make every attempt to match the existing color.


 Warranty Exclusions:

  1. Warranty excludes damage to or dulling of finish caused by prolonged use or Customer negligence which includes but is not limited to lack of maintenance & care, harsh chemicals, chemicals used for cleaning, cleaning with abrasive material and/or detergents, or the use of pressure washers and scrubbing/buffing machines. 
  2. Warranty excludes damage from outside forces, abuse, neglect, and misuse, for example: scratches, damage from impact, spinning tires, flame, mechanical damage to the underlying concrete, harsh chemicals such as battery acid, brake fluid, paint stripper, industrial solvents, or like products, lack of maintenance & cleaning, or repairs by another company and not SSP Coatings.
  3. Warranty excludes defects in the concrete/substrate. This includes, but is not limited to heaving, shifting, popping, settling, moisture issues and geo-movement and/or structural foundation movement.
  4. Warranty does not apply to defects caused by alterations or modifications performed by persons and/or entities other than SSP Coatings.
  5. The terms of this warranty constitutes the entire understanding of the parties, and no other understanding, warranties, collateral, or otherwise, shall be binding unless in writing and signed by both the original Customer and SSP Coatings.
  6. No oral representations or promises are binding and cannot alter or modify the terms of this warranty.



A claim under this warranty may be made by calling SSP Coatings at (423) 432-4158.The original purchaser must retain original sales order and receipt to make a valid claim. Any claim under this warranty shall be deemed waived, unless the original purchaser gives notice (30) days following the discovery of a potential warranty claim. Customers shall allow SSP Coatings up to (60) sixty days to inspect and make repairs under this warranty.

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