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5 Reasons Why Surface Preparation Is Crucial For Epoxy Flooring

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If you’re working on an industrial flooring project for your existing epoxy flooring, surface preparation is perhaps the most crucial aspect to consider. But, it is the most neglected aspect. Unfortunately, too many flooring projects fail because of insufficient surface preparation. For the long-term safety and lifespan of your system, having a clean, prepared surface is essential in the preparation phase. Although epoxy floors are made from high-quality components such as urethane, poor preparation might cause problems.

Employing specialists that know how to get the finest results is a smart move when your business has to upgrade its floor surface. At SSP Coatings, after years of experience, we can tell you with certainty that preparation is key!

Please read on to discover more about the significance of concrete surface preparation, and contact us when you’re ready for a quotation!

It Picks Up Debris

If you have concrete surfaces, maybe you have trash clinging to it, crushed into it, smeared all over it, etc. Debris attached to your concrete floor or platform will be removed by surface preparation professionals. As a result, any treatment will adhere and absorb better, resulting in improved performance when needed.

Concrete Renewal

Using a concrete surface means that it will get discolored and smeared with things. Garages with concrete floors nearly always have some kind of car fluid stain on the concrete floor. These unattractive stains can be removed to the greatest extent feasible by appropriate surface preparation services. In addition, it will make your epoxy concrete floor seem years younger and more vibrant. As soon as the surface preparation procedure is underway, you will notice the difference.

It Reveals Cracks, Dents, Etc.

It is inevitable that throughout the course of time, things will be dumped on every concrete substrate or platform. It is then possible to get dents and chips from this. Frozen water and shifting earth are just a few of the reasons why cracks can form virtually overnight. Surface preparation can expose these flaws and structural concerns, and help you solve them through thorough surface preparation. Patching divots, cracks, dents, and chips are significant components of effective surface preparation.

Better Epoxy Floor Coatings

A concrete garage floor must be properly prepared before an epoxy coating can be applied to assure that the epoxy will form a strong and lasting bond that will not rip or lift from hot tires. There will always be residue, stains, and irregularities on an untreated floor surface, which will impact the effectiveness of any stain or sealant. One problem is that some of these items are too rough or uneven for the sealant to stick to, and covering them will take more sealant than necessary to fill in those places. If the imperfections aren’t addressed, the surface treatments won’t be as effective as they might be.

Uneven Application of Sealant or Paint

Coating your floor with epoxy will be a huge challenge if you don’t prepare the surface first. The epoxy coatings will seep into certain areas, while others would just need the absolute minimum. A surface preparation restores your whole concrete floor to a similar starting point by removing the top layer of concrete. As a result, you can apply epoxy sealant evenly and correctly predict the amount of sealant you will need, saving you money in the process. Surfaces and floors made of concrete are no different from those made of other materials. As long as you take good care of it, it will provide you results you can be proud of. In the event that you ignore it, it will also display. Last but not least, no matter how excellent the coating is, its useful service life will be decreased due to inadequate or inefficient surface prep.

Trust The Professionals!

Delamination, warping, and fading can all occur if the surface is not properly prepared before the epoxy coatings are applied. Choose SSP Coatings for the long-lasting quality of your epoxy concrete floor. In Chattanooga and the surrounding areas, our experts are always ready to take on any task.

The quality of our work can be seen by anybody who wants to view it. Online, you may get a free estimate and find out more about our epoxy coating system.

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