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Rossville, Tn, is a beautiful place, with friendly neighbors, full of businesses and a great location rich in history. As residents say, the town of Rossville is genuinely a place where you can feel at home. But, many residential and commercial owners are conscious when it comes to their garage floor. They need a reliable floor contractor to make their homes stay up to date and look inviting all the time.

No need to look for other contractors because we finally extended our services here! Our garage floor coating solutions are perfect fit for any property. We’ll work with you to design for your space and install it quickly. You can rely on us and upkeep for every new concrete garage project you have. If you want to proceed for a professional installation, discover more about our works!

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Efficient Garage Flooring in Rossville

Is your garage floor outdated? Do you want to make your garage floor more stylish and attractive? Serving the Rossville, TN and surrounding areas, we are your best choice for professional garage floor coating solutions. Here’s what you can expect from working with us:

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Installation in one day

  • Permanent, long-lasting floors

  • Affordable costs

Do you want to achieve a new garage floor look? Our epoxy floor coating systems are a great place to start when it comes to remodeling. Whatever level of service your garage floor needs, we are excited to provide you with a new and improved look on your property. Our crew knows how to delve deeper into your standards.

Bringing The Best Garage Floor Services To You

We know how hard and frustrating it is when hiring an epoxy floor contractor that won’t meet the level of service that you want. But we’ve got some good news for you! As we expand our services, homeowners in Rossville, Tn, can now truly experience the best project completion on another level!

Our professional floor experts will create an exclusive concept that will complement your home or garage for your business perfectly. So, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your garage floors, now is the time to do it. SSP Coatings is the company to call when you need a competent company to perform a garage floor home improvement you need. Get a firm quote today!

Residential & Commercial Professionals in Rossville

In search of garage floor contractors around Rossville, Tn, you want to find a full service team that will care for your property. Fortunately, here at SSP Coatings, we take pride in every custom garage floor coating we complete. 

As a general overview with the whole process, our experts pride ourselves on helping you maintain your garage areas’ natural beauty through our quality epoxy coating services. If you choose us in upgrading your garage area in Rossville, we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with our work. If you’re ready for change, contact our experts right away!

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If you live in the Rossville GA area and are looking for professional garage floor concrete coating services, we can help. We have commendable ratings by our residential and commercial customers as we make that the entire process is smooth and would be successful. Do you want a special garage appointment? Get started by contacting us today and schedule a free estimate now.

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City of Rossville


Rossville, Georgia, is a city in Walker County, Georgia, USA. It is nested in the Chattanooga, TN–GA Combined Statistical Area. With a population of 4,006, this city is a Chattanooga suburb, and living here provides inhabitants a sparse suburban atmosphere, with the majority of people renting their houses.


Rossville was formed in 1903, and the Town’s first mayor was John B. Ballard. Rossville shares a border with Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is named for Cherokee Chief John Ross. It has a long and exciting history, making it a fascinating destination to visit. Its history spans hundreds of years, making it an enthralling destination to visit. John Ross lived here until the Cherokees were forcibly removed to Oklahoma in what became known as the Trail of Tears. The oldest structure in Northwest Georgia, the John Ross House, is still standing in Rossville today. The deconstruction and reconstruction of the residence began around 150 yards toward Missionary Ridge, still on the original Ross property. In addition, the history of the American textile industry is intertwined with Rossville’s.


Rossville is also a good place to do business in terms of logistics. Rossville has become a landing site for multiple Fortune 100 corporations because of the Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility location. Furthermore, FedEx’s International Headquarters is only 30 miles away. Rossville’s position gives it a good place for growth, thanks to its competitive water, sewage, and gas costs. The city takes pride in its small-town feel, inexpensive cost of living, and overall high quality of life.


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