Epoxy Flooring

Why Is It The Best Choice for Dog Kennels?

Are you a dog kennel owner? If yes, you’re not alone! Floor coating is an often overlooked but important aspect of maintaining a dog kennel. A high-quality coating can provide a number of benefits to both the dogs and kennel owners. From hygiene and sanitation to durability and ease of cleaning, a properly applied coating can make a big difference in overall functionality and comfort.

Are you still searching for an effective solution for your floors? We’ve got the perfect solution for that! Whether you’re building a new kennel or looking to upgrade an existing one, give your furry friends a comfortable space by coating your concrete with epoxy.

Here are the four advantages of epoxy flooring for dog kennels are as follows:

Applies over existing concrete

Most likely, the basis of your structure is a concrete slab. One benefit of an epoxy coating is that it may be put directly into concrete without the need for extra materials or labour-intensive procedures. Keep in mind that a successful epoxy installation requires the proper preparation of the surface and sufficient cure time for the epoxy to properly adhere to the floor. SSP Coatings Garage Flooring Company has skilled professionals who can ensure that the job is done correctly.

Easy to clean

Even though most people don’t consider concrete to be porous, it has several microscopic air spaces. Untreated concrete may absorb spills and dog urine, and the gaps enable germs and viruses plenty of room to grow. With the help of epoxy floor coating, liquids are kept on the floor’s surface where they may be swept up.

Even more antimicrobial chemicals, such as silver nitrate, are added to some specialized epoxies to prevent the formation of germs or viruses. Since the epoxy coating offers a watertight barrier to liquids, it is simple to clean with a mop. The coating comes in a variety of colors and patterns as well.

Durable and long-lasting

Two components make up epoxy flooring: resin and cure. A surface that is considerably tougher and stronger than each of the two sections alone is produced by the chemical reaction that occurs. Dogs of all sizes may play rough on the floors day in and day out without worrying about scratching them since the epoxy coating is more durable than simple paint and is less prone to break or crack under severe use.

Colorful and friendly

It’s crucial to express to customers that your kennel is cheerful and welcoming because leaving one’s pet behind may be an emotional process for pet owners. Epoxy flooring systems are attractive in addition to being quite useful. Epoxy comes in a variety of colors, including designs like color flakes and sparkling metallic. Color blending may be used to make whimsical artwork or even add useful directional signs.

Trust Us For Epoxy Flooring Services For Your Pet Care Facilities

At SSP Coatings Garage Flooring Company, we guarantee that our qualified team will assist you in selecting the ideal floor coatings for your dog kennel. Our floor coatings are durable and can endure the scuffing of your dogs.

Your epoxy floors may be ready in a single day thanks to our scientifically developed coatings, which fit almost any application and guarantee speedy installation and cure times. Additionally, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products and services

Look no further than SSP Coatings Garage Flooring Company. Don’t wait any longer to give your pets the best. Speak with us today to discover the optimal epoxy flooring solution for your dog kennels and to attain the desired outcome. Reach us at 423-342-4158 today and learn more about our epoxy flooring services.

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