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Consider These 5 Cool Outdoor Patio Flooring Trends

Are you seeking new ways to increase the value of your home? For example, do you wish to spruce up your outside patio? If that’s the case, you’ll need to start by determining the type of patio flooring to use.

This can help to bring the entire yard together. Finally, you’ll have a practical flooring option that’s both practical and attractive. Of course, all of your visitors will admire your patio’s quality and elegance. But how can you know which flooring option is best for your patio outdoor flooring?

An in-depth guide to all of the top patio flooring ideas you should consider for your project is below.

Full Chip System

Investing in anything that coatings for your concrete patio floor might be beneficial. This will make it a lovely and functional floor for everyone to enjoy. The most popular concrete coating technology is the full chip system! It has a two-layer structure. A full-chip system allows you to have an:

  • Enclosed UV Protection 
  • Anti-slip coating to keep your property safe from accidents.
  • It’s 20 times stronger than epoxy, so you’ll get more bang for your buck.
  • Grease, gas, oil, and salt resistance make this a fantastic outdoor flooring for your BBQ area.
  • Coats cure quickly, allowing you to achieve your desired effect fast.

Metallic System

The metalling powder tints applied during the three-layer system give this coating system its name. The colored clear base coat is put first to ensure the floor is chemical and wear-resistant. Metallic tints give your patio a gleaming sheen that will glitter in the sunlight. Finally, a topcoat (which is optional) might help you get the glossy look that so many people like. It’s also a popular choice for concrete outdoor patio flooring.

Quartz Flooring System

Perhaps you’re seeking an outdoor flooring option that deviates from the traditional gleaming concrete aesthetic. Instead, you’re looking for something that offers value but is a little off the beaten road. Quartz flooring comes highly recommended. This flooring system was built for your outdoor patio because it’s impervious to high traffic and chemical wear and strain.

In addition, the quartz flooring system is anti-slip due to its rough texture (in a positive way). As a result, you’ll see this flooring in gyms, restaurants, and other establishments that wish to avoid slips. The quarts system comprises three layers: a colorful base coat, quartz granules, and a clear topcoat for added durability. It comes in various colors, allowing you to express yourself to customize your patio outdoor flooring.

Solid Color Coating System Flooring

Solid color flooring systems are among the most popular choices for high-traffic commercial and industrial flooring. These systems can be built in various ways to achieve different thicknesses, impact resistance, and chemical resistance. In addition, wear surface texture can be simply modified to obtain specific traction coefficients in addition to our standard colors and safety colors.

Choosing The Best Patio Floor Coating Today

Now that you’ve seen a variety of fantastic options for your outdoor spaces, it’s time to get one installed on your home immediately! If you live in Chattanooga and surrounding areas, there are a variety of options on the market you may choose from. SSP Coatings Garage Flooring Company is here to help you update your outdoor space and to have the best flooring you dream of.

Choose the most appropriate one with professional advice, and you’ll never get disappointed! Call us at 423-342-4158 to get started, and we’ll be pleased to assist you further.

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