How to Clean Your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Are you worried about the oil, grease, tar, sludge, dirt, salt residue, and tire markings on your garage floor coating? Like the rest of your house, your garage area requires your undivided attention. That’s why SSP Coatings recommends Crystal Simple Green to clean your garage flooring once it’s been epoxy coated.


It’s amusing how we clean every nook and cranny of the house except the garage! In a typical garage, clutter, grime, oils, and grease build-up appear to be the norm. 

Clutter, filth, oils, and grease build-up seem to be the standard in an average garage. You don’t have to wait before your monthly cleaning appointment to pay for your concrete garage floors. Cleaning your garage regularly is the way to go. A clean garage floor may help prevent oils and residues from being dragged into your house, and regular garage floor care may help keep your garage floor coating looking great. Here are the three simple steps:

1. Sweep

Car tires and footwear typically track debris, but you can easily remove the dirt and sand. One way is to start by sweeping the floor or using compressed air or a leaf blower.

2. Wash

For tougher dirt and floor stains, use Crystal Simple Green to eliminate tough stains, dirt, gunk, and funk on fabric. Rinse with water. Do not allow the product to dry on your floor.

3. Squeegee

Remove all liquid residue from your garage floor using a squeegee. Inquire about our brush-edged 30" or 22" squeegees.

Cleaning Directions For a Garage Floor Coatings

  • Use at full strength or dilute with water according to the product label’s dilution instructions. Always do a spot test in a secret location first.
  • Allow time for dirt, grease, or oil to infiltrate dirty surfaces. Rinse with water at the maximum pressure available. Deep stains may demand a second scrubbing treatment.
  • Allowing the substance to dry on the surface is not recommended.
Avoid using these cleaning products:
  • CLR® Calcium, Lime, & Rust Remover (silver bottle)
  • acetone or alcohol
  • Vim, Javex, or Comet
  • paint thinner or lacquer thinner
  • mineral spirits
  • bleach or bleach-based cleaners
  • any abrasive cleaners
  • high-pressure nozzles on pressure washers
Clean garage floor coating simple green

What is Simple Green

Simple Green is a fragrance-free cleaning solution designed for crucial cleaning tasks. It’s an all-purpose degreaser and cleaner that’s incredibly effective and concentrated. Simple Green is an excellent and effective degreaser or cleaner for various industries since it is fragrance-free, color-free, and has a high rinsability. Simple Green is:

  • Biodegradable 

  • Can be applied to polyaspartic floor coverings 

  • Non-flammable and non-abrasive

  • Safe for cleaning chrome, stainless steel, and other metals

  • Free of odor and non-toxic 

  • The formula is phosphate-free and butyl-free.

  • Applicable on floor mats, carpets, dashboards, rims

Great for the Garage Floor Coatings

Simple Green has long been the go-to for gearheads for its many automotive uses. This is an excellent solution for the food processing and handling, industrial, manufacturing, electronics, and parts cleaning sectors. It cuts through thick grease, oils, built-up filth, and other residues without the use of harsh or volatile chemicals. Furthermore, they are utilized to cut through grease, oil, and other residues in medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, and manufacturing situations without using harsh or volatile chemicals.

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