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Chattanooga Day experience

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Chattanooga, the fourth largest city in Tennessee is an exciting tourist destination, it is home to beautiful parks, historic attractions, excellent museums, you will also get to see sports games here and enjoy the views of the spectacular Lookout Mountain. Kids are also not left out as there are a number of activities that include the creative discovery museums.

We visited the city of Chattanooga, TN for the day and we had a lovely experience, our first visit was the famous Lookout Mountain located along the Southern border of Tennessee. We were able to have breathtaking views of the natural beauty of the mountain. Other attractions included the Ruby Falls which is one of the world’s most fascinating cave waterfalls. Something that you should note is before visiting the site ensure that you check the schedule of their special events as there is always something special going on.

We also had rock climbing on our to-do list and contacted the Chattanooga best-equipped climbing facility. We first got the basic training from professional climbers before trying out. The climbers are very patient and happy to help you get to the next level, they offer classes for all experience levels. The climbing facility also offered aerobic classes, weight lifting, and yoga rooms.

Tennessee Aquarium is one of the top Chattanooga attractions, we were so delighted by the creatures found here. The Aquarium is above and underwater life in Tennessee that has the richest freshwater in the country. We got to see amazing and strange animals from remote parts of the earth, the exhibits are also realistic and show animals in their native habitats. Some of the animals thrive while others face the danger of extinction.

The Chattanooga Market is an art, crafts, and farmers market located on Carter Street in the open-air. The market days are usually on Sundays from April to December, it is the area’s largest producers with more than 300 vendors and up to 6,000 visitors on a typical weekend. We participated in a number of events which we found to be very interesting and fun.

Chatanooga zoo was also one of the best places we visited, it is a 13-acre zoo in Warner Park. The zoo is made up of several exhibits a good example is a Himalayan Passage. We got to see the largest indoor red Panda and the Snow Leopard in the exhibit. Seeing the Chimpanzees was also a lovely experience for us, we went to the Gome Forest that hosts the Chimpanzees. The forests are an indoor and outdoor facility with an interpretive centre known as Donovan Interpretive Center.

visited Coolidge Park which is a waterfront park with open spaces. We decided to have a picnic after the long day we had touring the various sites. We picked the perfect set up for the picnic that provided the best views that included the breathtaking Tennessee River and the largest pedestrian bridge in the world. The children got to enjoy the tiger and the horse rides.

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