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Best Garage Floor Paint: Latex, Acrylic, or Epoxy?

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A huge trend that has been taking over the country is the clean look that best garage floors have in them nowadays. By its very definition, a garage is someplace that is meant to have work items flung everywhere, a car with the hood open and the engine missing, and the bonus oil and grease stains all over. 

Over the recent couple of years, a cleaner, more coordinated look has taken control over the garage appearances. It has become organized as tools have its own place to hang, a sink for cleaning things and most importantly the stunning concrete garage floor coating that caught every one’s eye. This is because of the way that individuals are currently giving more consideration to their carport floor covering.

To achieve such a look, you will need its bare concrete floor to put some type of paint or other different types of floor coating to add color to them. But which option is the best choice for your garage concrete floor?

Choosing the

Best garage floor paints.

There is always a hard and fast rule when it comes to spending money on things that you want. If you are going to be a penny pincher, then the quality of the items you get will probably not be the best. This same principle applies to the garage floor paints. It is very simple to apply garage floor paints and select a color that you long for. Some goes for DIYs stuff that comes out from the internet, but if you did pick something that does not provide the flawlessness that you wished to have, then maybe you presumably aren’t doing it right.

However, in deciding whether you want to hire a garage floor coating contractor or not, you have to make sure that you will go for a flooring contractor that you can trust your flooring with. Though preparing the concrete surface may take a lot of time, hiring a contractor may also cost you per square foot.

It is all a matter of deciding whether you want something that is easy to deal with, or something that will last you a very long time. For this, you have three options.

1. Latex paint.

Latex paint shares its beginning with acrylic paint. The main difference comes in with the fact that it is water-based and easy to use. This makes it cheaper to produce and therefore makes it cheaper to acquire.

If you are looking for something quick and easy to maintain, then latex is the paint for you. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water and doesn’t need many coats.

However, since it is water based, it doesn’t expand well in heat. This puts it at a disadvantage against the other types of garage floor paints.

2. Acrylic Paint.

This is made from acrylic resin, similar to latex and is based on a chemical. This makes it much more elastic than latex and is also water resistant. It dries very quickly, making it a great paint to put over smaller areas and the best to work with for beginners and DIYers.

3. Epoxy Garage floor paint.

If you are looking for something that will last for years, the best garage floor epoxy in Chattanooga will work for you. It is applicable to different types of garage floor and you can achieve that high gloss finish that you are wishing for.

Flooring contractors also apply epoxy concrete sealers which protect your floors making it more durable and long lasting. It will last up to multiple times longer than anyway numerous layers of acrylic or latex you put on garage floors. Epoxy is likewise incredible for huge regions as they are commonly prescribed for 170 to 500 square feet for each gallon of paint.

Epoxy garage floor paint is also not as cheap as the latex garage floor paint and acrylic concrete floor paint but it is the best choice that you can have. However, the cost is offset over the long term in comparison to the other two paints.

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