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6 Garage Floor Coating Mistakes Homeowners Must Avoid

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Are you planning to refurbish your garage’s concrete floor anytime soon? Of course, no one wants to go over the difficulties and disappointments of a garage floor that doesn’t end out the way they anticipated it. From project costing to installation issues, that may ruin your flooring and make your experience less grand. But, worry no more! With the proper information and preparations, you can avoid those problems and ensure that your floors remain attractive and functional for decades.

Take a few minutes to evaluate our checklist of typical epoxy installation mistakes to guarantee a successful coating for your garage concrete surface! 

1. Underestimating the cost

Even if you have the most unique floor plans, cutting corners on the installation costs is enough to put your garage coating project on hold. Furthermore, the error has the potential to derail the whole project. Epoxy coating budget is just as important as the flooring type. So, make sure to consider this to avoid ruining the project.

2. Poor Preparation

The most typical cause of epoxy floor defects and dangerous finish is this. When applying the garage floor coating for the first time, many individuals overlook the need to carefully prepping the surface. This entails a lot more than just keeping it clean. A smooth surface would not bond to epoxy. It’s much preferable to grind the floor before applying the epoxy.

3. Appearance of moisture in the concrete

This typical error generally results in the epoxy floors not drying quickly. Wait for a sufficient period up to 24 hrs, often longer, for it to dry, i.e., temperature and humidity. If you don’t, moisture stored in the concrete slab holes will resurface, causing bubbles in the finish.

4. Ignoring the weather

Concrete mixtures and repair materials require an appropriate environment to cure appropriately. Humidity and temperature levels that are too high or too low might result in extended cure periods and surface defects. They may, at their worst, lead to early disaster. As a result, when considering garage floor coatings and repair, account for unforeseen weather changes and be prepared to reschedule your plans if necessary.

5. Not getting the look you want

You don’t want to make investments in a garage epoxy flooring just to be disappointed with the results. Inquire about some of the operations the firm has accomplished in your region. If you’re a business customer, request a tour of a commercial location. It’s vital to look at one floor with comparable wear patterns. Inquire about a project they finished recently. This will give you an idea of how long their process and coating material will last.

6. Rushed installation and application

Garage epoxy flooring may appear straightforward at first glance, but it is a large and complicated task in reality. Being in such a rush to compensate for a lost time before starting the project is a no-cost savings strategy, but it also signals poor work. You may see air bubbles if you’re applying epoxy flooring in a hurry. 

On the other hand, experts from SSP Coatings work quickly to avoid epoxy resin curing before treatment, but they work carefully to prevent bubbles. It’s easy to hurry a project even between epoxy layers. If you don’t give each layer enough time to dry, you risk adding fresh epoxy on a foundation that hasn’t fully cured.

Make No Mistakes! Turn To Us Now For Your Garage Coating Project!
Although it may appear that putting an epoxy floor coating yourself will save you a great deal of money, it is usually preferable to entrust this work to the specialists. This is because you might just save dollars in the near term, and you may have issues later on that cost you much more.

Leave the tasks to the pros! SSP Coatings has years of experience putting epoxy coatings on garages.

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